Aurora Borealis 2004 root

Solar activity has been decreasing since huge X-flares in Oct-Nov 2003. January and February were quite cloudy in southern Finland, but - based on web-data - most probably we neither missed any major auroral display. In March there were several nights with minor activity, but no great auroral storms. The rest of the spring did not bring anything big before light summer skies prevented further observing. In September there was a few faint arches but again nothing big. This also continued all October. Then, during the second week of November a huge sunspot ejected numerous X-flares and more than 10 M-flares towards the earth, but as expected, Finland was cloudy practically during all of the radiation storms. This was extremely frustrating, as any aurora observer knows: the net is full of data of huge auroral storms but there is no clear sky in the range of 1000 kms! Something minor I could get in the end of the active 5 days' stormy period.


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